Google to quit China?

The latest blog post on Google’s official blog caught my attention. Due to recent cyberattacks, originating from China, resulting in the loss of some of their intellectual property (fancy term for ‘secrets’), they’re considering withdrawing from the country. Some of the points of interest:

  • 20 companies were attacked: Twenty large companies were targeted and may or may not be aware of it. This has the potential to have far-reaching consequences
  • may no longer be uncensored: They’ve come under flak for censoring results in China (human rights ethics, etc.)
  • Google may shut down offices in China: Mass exodus? will use this opportunity to acquire some of the best talent.

I wouldn’t want to be a Google employee in China, or one working on . I also wish I owned [BIDU] stock.

Google Blog Posting :: Official Google Blog: A new approach to China.

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