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iPhone = hype-phone. Check out HTC Touch Cruise

Since the Motorola RAZR, no phone has generated so much buzz as the iPhone. Congratulations to Steve Jobs & Co. for once again showing off their marketing skills and generating so much hype.¬†Ordinarily, when one thinks of a two-year data plan contract with a cellular carrier, they are not willing to spend much on the phone itself. Not only does the iPhone aka Jesusphone cost an arm and a leg, but you would have to sell your kidney to pay 2 years worth of AT&T subscription fees. If you travel a lot internationally, add roaming fees to that and you’re…

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Welcome to TechieLife

Welcome to TechieLife. So, what is TechieLife? One thing for sure, it’s a blog launched in late August 2007. A blog is the commonly-used shortened version of ‘weblog’ (which was split to ‘we blog’ ). As opposed to traditional news web sites where content layout is important, blogs are chronologically ordered entries that the author ‘posts’ periodically and appear in that order. Coming back to TechieLife, what this this blog about? The life of a techie? (Techie is the term used for a person who is highly familiar with computer & digital technology. Note: Not to be confused with ‘geek’…

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