Google Chrome and the Blue Screen of Death – BSOD

After a couple of days of heavy use of Google Chrome, the annoyances have started.

Having a link in the page’s HTML source ending with a special character causes the while browser to crash. So much for only the tab crashing.

The bigger and more annoying issue is the fact that I have received the blue screen of death (BSOD) on 3 ocassions. The message seemed like there was an IRQ conflict. Something to do with IRQL not equal. The only thing common to all 3 occurances is that I was using IE and Chrome simultaneously. And both had some sort of media being played – either YouTube videos or forced video ads. At least on one occasion I was listening to Pandora.

I also noticed that Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer has become slow and sluggish after installing Chrome. Go figure.

This is the first post from my mobile phone.

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  1. Since installing Chrome I have now encountered 3 BSODs on my Vista Notebook. Never happened previously and since uninstalling it has never happened again. At the time of the BSOD I had a page open streaming with real-player. Curiously I have been running Chrome( and still am ) on my Vista desktop without problems…

  2. My xp notebook has run flawlessly for almost 2 years. Installed Chrome and had a BSOD within the hour. It’s been about three weeks now, have yet to run Chrome again, no BSOD.

    I think it’s Chrome.

    Bad Bad Bad Google

    Fix it please I do wanna use it.

  3. The BSOD error “Driver IRQL not less than or equal” implies a driver error. Judging from the context (IE and Chrome streaming multimedia) it could be any number of drivers (network, sound, video). Update all of them and see if the BSoD stops appearing.

  4. The same here – since I am not using Chrome anymore, no more blue screens. Befor, Chrome crashed my notebook – a IBM A31p – several times after some time of browsing. No IE was open in parallel, though sometimes Firfox 3.
    I am back to FF now …

    I was happy with Chrome with it’s quick start-up time! But BSOD’s … No thanks

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google is doing this on purpose; they want everyone to blame Microsoft and Internet Explorer for the blue screen errors.

  6. I get a BSOD when trying to install chrome, I go to click run when the app installer download then I get the BSOD “Fatal System Error”. I’m running 32bit XP. -1 to windows for allowing an app to BSOD and -1 to chrome for doing it.

  7. Ohh dear.. had bsod on my PC rig several times now. I have had stable overclock at 3.3GHz and attributed bdods to unstable overclock. but after operation smooth for 3 days, im surfing using chrome and right clicking in a web page and
    BLUE BLUE everywhere follwed by that hallowed darkness as you realise you just jumped out of warp speed.

    Funny thing is this time im back to good ol FF because chrome is stuck in an endless loop of
    “restart-opps it crashed-wanna restart?-yep-oops it chrashed” iterartion..

    Nice try Google, come again dudes… chrome is the future browser imo..

  8. I think that chrome is a brilliant browser, its simplicity and ease to use are the most positive features, along with the ability to move tabs and “pull them out” of the browser. I dont know what this nonsense about BSOD’s is all about as i havnt experianced any yet and i have been using Chrome for around a month on my Vista notebook.

  9. well, the other day i was playing solitaire and i thought about chrome, and then my pc bsod’ded..

    c’mon guyze. it’s a bug. it get’s fixed. no need to dramatize the situation. it’s what you get for using that nice piece of crap that’s internet explorer…

  10. i used to get tons and tons of BSOD’s with google chrome.

    i never went back to it.

    i have xp sp3 btw.

    it seems its memory related, the way chrome uses the computer’s memory is flawed

  11. bsod not sure win32.sys or win32k.sys problem, only when using chrome. i like chrome, but this sucks.

  12. Over half a year has passed since the first release and things seem to be on the right track with Google Chrome.

    Got the first BSOD after a couple of days into using Chrome…a few days and BSODs later Firefox was banging on all cylinders again.

    A while after the stable release in December i started using it again and so far things have been smooth. no more blue screens, but i did encounter some problems when viewing a few forums, without being able to duplicate them using IE or Firefox.

    Overall it looks ok. Simple and easy design, pleasant look and most importantly stability. Used the stable version on an older desktop running xp and on vista and xp laptops. Hell, i like it ;)…

  13. (Just found this post via Wikipedia.)

    Even though it’s been six months, I’d still
    like to know which page caused the browser to crash.
    (C’mon, you can’t tease us like that without offering

    Also, does it still happen with current Chrome?
    As the last post said, Chrome has improved a bunch
    since you posted.

  14. As a Chromium developer, I am very sorry to hear you are having problems using Google Chrome.

    We take reports of blue screens very seriously and work quickly to get to the bottom of every issue. These issues are often straightforward to resolve by (for example) installing an already available hotfix for Windows so I encourage you to contact us through our support site:

    Getting in touch is as simple as filling out a short form (5 fields) and attaching a file generated by Windows when the computer blue screened (see simple instructions on the page).

    We look forward to working with you to resolve the issue.

    Best regards,

  15. @Dan – There were no specific pages that crashed Chrome. There were random occurrences and were related to flash audio. On at least 2 occasions, I filed support requests with a minidump. The browser crashed on my laptop regularly, and never on my desktop. Lately though, all the updates seem to have fixed the problem for me. I haven’t encountered a BSOD in a while, but I’ve reduced usage too.

    @Finnue – I filled the form when the incidents happened, including attaching a minidump.

  16. I never had a blue screen on death ever on Vista.

    Since I started using Chrome i got it 4 to 5 times a day. Always when using chrome. I used Chrome for 3 months and its great, because I could not imagine the problem was chrome. The laptop if brand new with 4 GB of ram. I thought it was drivers, antivirus, millons of things. I uninstalled chrome after reading this and Voila. No blue screen of deaths anymore. Chrome also crashed with flash content sometimes and with PDF files.

    Im impressed with the speed, but I cannot imagine how much time it made me lose already, i had blue screens all the time. I did not had then with the Chromium open source but just with Google Chrome.

    Sad. i think Microsoft released some updated wich started to do this or maybe its chrome not handling the memory to well. Back to opera, the most stable and incredible browser. I just miss the start up speed of chrome and websites. Hope Opera 10 has those. Not going back to chrome since im afraid this will happen always as Microsoft doesnt want me to use chrome

  17. I find these comments funny, since the only reason I tested out Chrome in the first place was because IE kept crashing every second or so. Judging from all your posts, my computer must be extraordinary because its yet to experience any crashes while using Chrome and (gasp!) its running on Vista Home Basic edition. Aside from a few hiccups related to Flash that was fixed with a quick Google for its cause, I’ve never had a smoother (or faster) browsing experience.

  18. Heey. I had 2 BSODs with Chrome right after I started using it. I dealt with it, at that point, and I didn’t have any more.

    I just had 3 BSODs in 15 minutes.

    I’m switching back to Opera.

  19. I installed Chrome 4-5 days ago and whilst functionally and operationally superior to IE or FF, I’ve had 2 BSODs since install.

    I was not running IE in parallel, nor any streaming media. Both times I simply clicked a link (one homepage image, no special chars and one news item from an RSS feed), so it seems to be a pretty basic error that has not been fully addressed since first reported almost a year ago.

    Pretty poor really seeing as though a browser’s basic function is to display web pages accessed by clicking links. If it keeps happening I’m going to have to switch back…

  20. Was having complete system freezes requiring hard reboots then (with great effort) I removed all of IE8 software. Chrome is back to running rock solid as it was before I updated my IE from version 7 and also a (system tools)(system restore) messed up my Chrome and Opera data and required a reinstall.

    For me Chrome is much better, easier and more enjoyable to use. It is my primary browser and the very few times I encounter anything I dislike are far out-weighted by the hundreds of times I am pleased with its operation.

    Running XP Media Center Edition SP3 on an HP DV9005

  21. I actually really like google chrome. I’ve been using it for months now. Never had any problems till 2 days ago. All i did was click on a link and got the Blue Screen o’ Death. Then anytime after that as soon as a page finishes loading…BSOD. I uninstalled, reinstalled…..BSOD as soon as install completed. I went as far as to do a clean install/reboot of WindowsXP thinking for sure it would solve my problem. WRONG. I still get it. Now it happens with the occassional random program. What can i do to fix this. My laptop is partitioned (Acer Travelmate 2420) I’ve tried all microsofts reccomended fixes….not working. Anybody….Help….Please.

  22. I installed Chrome on my XP netbook (ACER AOP531-h) about 3 months ago & been using Chrome as my default browser since then. Before Chrome I had Safari 4 as my default browser. What problem do I have?? Thankfully none so far….

  23. I had all kinds of problems with google chrome, I tried it on xp desktop, xp laptop IBM R40, HP Quad core processor desktop vista, it crashed with a blue screen error. I have installed it on my machine for about 6 months now, my laptop crash often, but my vista desktop has crashed only once in the six months.

  24. I really like google chrome. I’ve 2 notebook n a PC, all of it using Google Chrome as main browser. 1 of d notebook having a crash 1month ago, today the 2nd notebook come across the same problem, BSOD => restaurant city… it crash… =(

  25. I have the latest Chrome installed but I still get BSOD when I am using chrome. Since I stopped using Chrome for the last 10 day and start using FireFox instead, I haven’t had BSOD at all. I have Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit on brand new machine with Core i7. It must to be something to do with Chrome. I like Chrome, so please fix it!

  26. GUYS!!!!!take it from me,Google chrome is one of the real causes for blue screen.I experienced it with 6 laptops in one month-can u believe it!!!.each time I install chrome on my laptop I face the blue screen issue.this happened with many brands,HP and DELL laptops with windows 7 OS-i3 intel processor.
    another reason I found after a long research seemed to be caused by Norton Internet security.
    it was reported on different websites and there are some recommended solutions for installing some rregistry scanning programs but I wouldn’t advice.

  27. I had two laptops crash, one after the other, from BSOD, right after installing Google Chrome. This was on xp. I installed Google Chrome on my desktop and have never had any problems. I would really like to know if this is a laptop thing. I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7 And am curious if the BSOD only happens on xp… :\

  28. No it does not only happen on xp… I have a Dell with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed. I get BSOD using Chrome. I thought it had to do with streaming music but it happened this last time just browsing the net. I liked Chrome but it looks like I am going back to Firefox. :\

  29. Just coming in here to say that I too have endured numerous BSODs after I switched over to Chrome. It’s a shame because Chrome really is fast, but I’d rather have a stable computer than super-fast Internet. Back to Firefox for me!

  30. well, i got it 4 times in one week when using chrome, usually when i clicked on a legit link, mostly using espn’s website, just clicking between box score and conversation, which IE has no problem with, or Firefox; chrome was fast, too fast i guess, like an idiot driving a vette, crash into a tree. and now i keep getting attack attempts on my PC, i think it’s google. 2 attack attempts in 2 minutes after uninstalling? time to run Malwarebytes.

  31. Most of these are the equivalent of saying, “I ran a marathon on a bad ankle, and I collapsed on the ground. The marathons are causing me to collapse. Please someone fix the marathons!”

    Like others have mentioned, blue screens are caused by operating system level software (not applications, like Chrome, calculator, or notepad). It’s not chrome causing the blue screens, it’s the fact that chrome is a modern browser, with aggressive caching, 3d acceleration, etc that exercises *all* of your system resources, like a marathon race. IE doesn’t come close to doing this. It has very non-aggressive caching, no real acceleration, no real anything, it’s ancient! You’re a gigantic leap of a difference behind even IE9!

    Try to update your drivers (sound, video card, network, like others have mentioned) to the latest from the manufacturer of that device (Dell didn’t make your video card), since these are the most exercised. Try downloading and running a “memory stress test” (google it) to tell you if you have a even a single bad bit in one of your half billion bits of ram. And, one evening (since it’ll take all night), use disk error checking to scan for bad sectors in your hard disk (this time, it’ll potentially find one bad bit in the many billions of bits stored on your disk).

    And, stay away from or any of those drivers or “we have registry cleaner!” type sites. If you have an Intel video card, Google it and select a result that points to the Intel website.

  32. May as well add my tuppence in here too.

    I’m done with Chrome, I too loved it’s speed and features, I even persevered with using it after a BSOD took out one my hard drives.

    I tried everything in desperate hope but it seems that Google can’t or won’t fix the problems.

    I was getting a BSOD at least once a day, I relate it to video media or flash on the website.

    So thanks very much Google, I won’t be giving it another chance.

  33. same story, but try change shortcut compatibility this hack should resolve the problem, but it’s not solution – jaust hack…

  34. I got a brand new hp laptop with windows 7 and after downloaded Avast protection, it had an outomatice install of Chrome with it, I thought what the hell I try chrome.

    I had to reset my computer back to original factory settings and lost (albeit not much) all my previous data.I kept getting ” iqrl is too high or not enough irql and here comes the bsod”
    It kept restarting over and over agin. I system resorted before the download and it did it again.
    I cleaned to factory specs and went back to Avast, this tiem I didn’t choose Chrome and about 20 mins later, same crash.

    Its gotta be the chrome. I used this new computer a lot during the last 2 months since I bought it and it’s been flawless until the avast download with chrome

  35. I use a Windows Vista Ultimate SP2, I have had this problem before and it got fixed, But now it has come back and it seems to eb Google Chrome.

    Today I boot up my Computer, I open Skype, Fine, I open Google Chrome it Stops Responding and everything kinda freezes but the mouse icon, Then after awhile it crashes with a Blue Screen of Death, Isn’t it Strange how I open Google Chrome and as soon as I do that it crashes my System? Then it takes Quite Awhile to Sucessfully Boot it up.

    This has happened in total 8 times this month.

    Thanks alot Google Chrome I’m going back to Mozilla Firefox.

    Note: I use Norton 360 AntiVirus I don’t know if this makes any difference. Also I noticed Google Chrome uses alot of Memory, and about 4 different Processes called Chrome.exe

  36. I downloaded Google Chrome and now I get blue screen of death and my computer has slowed down and also keeps locking up when I try to shut it down, I uninstalled Google chrome but now when I click on my e mail I can’t open them. It also drains the memory What can I do to fix this.? Please can someone help.?

  37. My computer is absolutely brilliant. It could handle anything you were to throw at it.
    I’ve been using Google Chrome for some time now without a problem — ever. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I found my computer receiving the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) from Google Chrome.
    Through multiple exercises of trial and error, I found that it was Google Chrome alone that was causing the Blue Screen of Death. I figured, “Not a problem; I’ll just install Mozilla Firefox and transfer the bookmarks over.”
    Wrong move. I installed Firefox from IE (which I always keep around on my computer just in case), and imported the bookmarks. Everything was working fine. Next thing I did was to try and uninstall Google Chrome. Not much of a shock whenever I received the Blue Screen of Death from trying to uninstall. I got far the first time, but the final steps caused the crash.
    I tried again and again, until it got to the point that whenever my mouse would highlight anything having to do with Google Chrome (even in the root folders and control panel), it would crash with the Blue Screen of Death.
    I got fed up and backed up my files and restored my computer back to factory settings — only mere minutes ago. I’m using IE right now and am putting my computer back how it used to be so it’s like nothing ever happened.
    However, the last time I used Firefox, it would crash repeatedly — but it never gave me the Blue Screen of Death like Google Chrome has.

    I will try out Mozilla Firefox again and will keep my fingers crossed that I just bookmarked the wrong thing at some point on my Chrome and will eventually re-download it to try it out again. I just hope that the bugs will have been fixed by then, considering this thread is quite old.


  38. I have gotten it every time,I tried to type in a link for google chrome, what is happening? I never got it when I used chrome before

  39. At my school, Google Chrome works super good. But then I installed it on my Windows 7. I used it for a few minutes. SO COOL AND FAST. Then, when I added one of its products, a COMPLETE CRASH. I restarted and reopened, but it kept crashing so much it was crazy. I couldn’t take it anymore so I reinstalled it and like, it still had that problem. I know this is a late post but is there a solution to this? I really wanna use it.. For now Firefox is main ._.

  40. just started happening after yr or more use. i wonder if its google drive that sets it off now. who cares i guess ill switch back to ff.

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